Did You See the Green Flash?
2013, oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches

Notice the exposed staples, layers of canvas and ghost image of previously painted areas? 


new, new, new...

New work yet untitled
2013, oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches

I've returned to the studio after a few weeks' hiatus. As mentioned in previous posts, I'd been working on new concepts. I've switched back to oil on canvas but with a few new twists: the canvas is stretched over panel; I'm using clear gesso and I'm delighted with the effect; the work is more process-oriented than anything I've done before (more on that soon); I'm exploring painting's object-ness, its materiality and physicality, while continuing my concerns with structure, texture and imperfection.

Happy New Year.


materiality. and staples.

This one's nearly finished, exposed staples and all. As I've been saying on Twitter, my latest paintings are very process-oriented (more than their precursors) as I explore new realms of painting's materiality.


the shape of things


Where have I been? Oh, here, there and yonder. A lot has transpired this year. The biggest news is that in Spring, my family and I relocated from south Texas to the terrific city of Austin. I couldn't be more pleased with our fresh surroundings. A dream come true.

Life took on a new shape. Houseguests came and went. We set up house, including moving the contents of my studio no less than three times. We began to navigate a crowded big city (the traffic!) I began an extensive job search, hoping to land a teaching or art administrative job and get my career back on track. I'm still searching.

We spent most of June visiting family in beautiful southern Brazil. It turned into a meaningful break in the midst of a busy time, a good visit with my in-laws, and a welcome escape from the Texas summer heat. 

Onto the paintings pictured above: Why have they been removed from their wood stretchers? I'll reveal soon. Stay tuned.


I'm still here...

I'm still here - alive and kicking, and living quite happily in Austin, Texas since May of this year. It's been a busy few months. Stay tuned for real blog posts soon. 
Thank you!