Current Artist Statement

I thought I'd post my statement. In the title, I mention "current" artist statement. This is because I'll have to update it soon; there's no way around it. It's a few months old, and already looking a bit dated! The Paradise Project- my newest endeavor and largest one to date- will require new information about my creative process and direction. But it's not ready to be put into words yet. I've only gotten started with the actual work. So for posterity reasons, I'm posting my current statement:

My art does not have a simple subject matter or intended message. Recurring themes are process, loss, and the search for truth and beauty. The motivation is internal and external; objects, images, colors and experiences continually inspire me. My work is a way of coping with the uncertainties and mysteries in life. It is an extension of myself, and my means of communicating what cannot be easily said in words.

The paintings dictate to me what is needed. I start with a basic plan and let the painting lead. Brushes, palette knives and cloths are necessary tools, sometimes leaving indelible marks on the surface. Drips and runs are allowed to remain. When layering color, I may employ an additive and reductive method, deconstructing and reconstructing the canvas surface to reveal pigment underneath.

I experiment with a variety of abstract styles. This experimentation is crucial to my creative process and growth. My work is greatly influenced by color field painters, abstract expressionists and post-modernists. I am intrigued by the endless visual possibilities of contrast, color, texture and space. My use of space and my interest in creating atmosphere are directly related to living by the sea.

I seek to create art that moves the viewer beyond mere aesthetics and offers a respite from an often confusing and chaotic world. My goal is that the work surpasses the ordinary and gives the viewer reason to pause, reflect and reconnect.

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Jorge said...

Hola amigo: quería invitarte que visites el blog que estoy realizando con mis alumnos de segundo año de la secundaria sobre LA DISCRIMINACIÓN.
Tema arduo e interesante.
Seguro será de tu agrado.
Te invitamos que leas lo que gustes de él y hagas una opinión sobre el mismo.
Tu aporte será valioso.
Un abrazo desde la Argentina.