Vintage Finds a New Home

Building a home on a small Caribbean island is not easy. There are unique logistics involved and often plenty of setbacks. Here in the British Virgin Islands, if you're from abroad you must obtain an Alien Landholding License in order to purchase property. Approval usually takes eight months or longer. Actual construction typically takes around a year or slightly longer. The structure must be reinforced to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. Most homes need a concrete cistern for collecting rainwater.

Selecting new decor and appliances is fun but challenging, as options are limited. Making time to shop for these items abroad is usually necessary. It helps to have an open mind and lots of patience.

Finally after years of planning and hard work, with a few headaches and tears, my good friends Lisa (pictured) and Miles and their little boy Isaac moved into their stylish new home overlooking Cane Garden Bay. Last week, I presented them with a house-warming gift, "Vintage". This painting was the first in a series of ten created in 2005 and 2006. Out of the ten, Vintage is my favorite- and one that Miles had admired at a show some years ago.

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