Alchemy Hour

I started this painting earlier in the summer and completed it yesterday. Using these colors and technique was so enjoyable, that I have plans for a few more similar pieces.

Alchemy Hour is a surf term I discovered during my net 'surfing' today. That's the only surfing I'll likely ever do, especially now with unspecified back problems. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) Aspects of the surf culture intrigue me, generally speaking, and I figured a bit of surf mystique could be incorporated into some of the Paradise Project work. It definitely fits with the escapism theme.

It's very freeing to move away from the heavy layering and building up of paint- sort of a trademark technique I used for years- to a lighter, fresher application. In fact, I did very little layering on this one. The hot pink has a wash of blue, applied and quickly rubbed off, leaving a stain of the blue to add depth. I like how the colors glow and you can see through them as if they were stained glass. For medium, I used a mixture of Liquin, cold wax medium, Gamblin G-Gel, stand oil and mineral spirits. Yes, all of those ingredients went into the mixture.

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