Back to School!

Today I started the substitute teaching position at Cedar International School. I was scheduled to report two weeks ago but, due to my back injury, I'm late getting started. I'm teaching Secondary Art, Term 1 of the school year. Basically, it's part of my old job before I resigned to work as a full-time artist.

Things have changed with the art program. For one thing, the art room has moved again. Also the school is now an International Baccalaureate Organization World School, with Middle Years Program and Diploma Program in effect. During my years at Cedar, we were working on implementing these educational programs. It's good to see the hard work of all staff has paid off for the school.

There were a few issues with the art room, I realized today, but they're supposed to be addressed. Soon. Island-time soon, I am sure. Which is different that plain old "soon". The issues? No phone in the artroom office or classroom. No internet in the building which houses high school, assistant principal's office, art room and the students' commons room. Far too many mosquitos. Art supply storage cabinets are....missing? They were supposed to be on-island by now. All in all, issues that are not unusual. When Andy, assistant principal, asked Vanessa, main office receptionist, why the artroom didn't have a phone yet, she replied, "Andy....It's Tortola."

As my late friend Captain Steve used to say, "Just another day in paradise!"

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