Dog Days, Literally

After a strange and stressful weekend, I am back in the studio working on two groupings for The Paradise Project.

The weekend was strange and stressful because our beloved dog Doxy escaped during a thunderstorm. Her clever method of escape is nothing short of spectacular....oh, to have been a fly on the wall. After sending a mass email to all the dog lovers I know here, hanging notices around the community, embarking on several searches by car and on foot with the assistance of caring friends, the little varmint came trotting home Sunday morning, unscathed, but exhausted and thirsty.

Bad dog.

As for the heat in my studio (see Friday's post), I have succumbed to using very expensive air-conditioning this afternoon. On Friday, I grew lethargic and dizzy, feeling early symptoms of heat exhaustion. I know the signs. I've had it before, doing something rather stupid such as gardening in the mid-day, summertime Louisiana heat.

Now I can paint more productively.

Fellow artists, what do you do to make your studio more comfortable?

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