Dog Days

Pictured above is Brewer's Bay, a great place to cool off.

It. Is. Hot.

The heat and humidity of September hangs over the Caribbean islands like a veil. To escape, you hide out in air-conditioning, take a drive up to the hills, or you slip into the cool ocean and float languidly. On days like this, you move and think more slowly. I have learned, finally, to give in to the slowness; otherwise, I end up irritable and non-productive.

My seaside studio happens to be the hottest room in our condo but it's the best room for light and adequate space. It has a window a/c unit, which I cannot afford to run any longer, at least until fuel prices allow for such a luxury.

So I am working and moving and thinking at a snail's pace, leaving the studio often to get a breath of air. If not for the bugs, sudden rain squalls, and inconvenience of moving supplies back and forth, I would set up my studio outside in the shade.

By November/December, the weather of late hurricane season will be a distant memory; that is, unless we get a hurricane.

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