New Stuff!

Look what arrived on Wednesday! The September issue of Art Forum, a new catalog.....and my order from Dick Blick, containing eight Claybord panels and two tubes of acrylic white paint. Surprisingly, the shipment arrived only nine days after I placed the order online.

Unfortunately, though, two of the Claybord panels in the shipment are damaged, probably incurred during shipping. The clay coating is chipped at the edges. It's not practical to return them, as I had to pay BVI Customs duty on the whole order, as well as mail courier fees. And return shipping costs more than the panels. So I'm keeping them.

I tried sanding the damaged areas but it only got worse. If you know of an interesting and creative way to utilize chipped Claybord, I'm open to suggestions. How could the clay coating be removed- other than by sanding- so I could paint directly on the boards themselves? Or, if I purposely chipped other small areas to create texture, will the clay continue coming off once the paintings are finished?

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