Minor Set-Back (No Pun Intended)

Last week was strange.

I was scheduled to report to school last Wednesday for teachers' in-service week. It's for a substitute-teaching gig I agreed to do: Grades 7 through 12 Art for the next three months while their teacher is away. But my back had other plans.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was involved in a normal studio day: Computer work, then sanding and painting a piece for The Paradise Project. Until...something suddenly did not feel right, and I could not stand straight, sit, or walk normally. Ouch! After a painful night, it was off to the doctor the next day, instead of school. The doctor believes I have a slipped disk. And there I was, thinking those recent months of back "discomfort" were over, finally. I'd even sacrificed spin class to avoid any unnecessary back strain, and had planned to resume the class this week. I was good to go! But this was a new pain, mind-numbing and debilitating. The doctor prescribed rest, muscle-relaxers, an MRI and lastly, physical therapy.

OK. So I am down. For an active person, this is truly no fun.

I am waiting for the MRI results this week. School will continue without me, til I am up and able. As for the paintings....I admit, I cheated and did a bit of work on them Friday. I can stand for short periods of time, so I figure some light studio work won't hurt.

While I heal, there is plenty of computer work to pass the time: Virtual gallery updates, blogging, online submissions, marketing. Still, a bit of painting sounds quite tempting.

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