Hurricane Omar

Here we go....

Hurricane Omar is forecast to pass 30 miles to our southeast sometime early tomorrow.

For now, there's that eery calm before the storm. Winds and rain are very light, and the frogs make the outdoors sound like a rainforest. They don't seem to know there's something big and nasty approaching.

My husband Jon and I spent the day preparing. We have plenty of canned food, batteries, candles, drinking water, pet supplies and other vital provisions. Cell phones and laptops are charged. Gallon jugs are filled with cistern water for cooking, pets' drinking water, cleaning and toilet flushing. We've brought indoors everything that is not heavy or secure. Jon has boarded up the sea-facing glass door, large studio windows, and crawl space on the dock under our porch.

Because of concerns about the plywood roof leaking, I have put our good clothing and my designer shoes in plastic bags. I'm not taking any chances.

And then there's my studio. I've moved all art from near the windows and covered what I can with plastic sheeting. Not taking any chances there, either.

This is our first hurricane at this condo, which is situated right on the bay. We are protected by a reef, and these condos have weathered many hurricanes.

I'll post some photos tomorrow once it's safe to go outdoors.

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