Island Time at the Bank

October issue with Philip Taaffe's Artificial Paradise, 2008, oil pigment on linen, 137 1/2 by 149 1/2 inches, Gagosian Gallery.

Before lunch today, I had to stand in line at the bank for 35 minutes. Yes, 35 minutes. This is normal at this particular bank, which shall remain nameless, although I will add that it wasn't my bank.

I'd gotten a paycheck for teaching, and knowing that if I'd deposited it at my bank across the street, it would be at least a week before funds would be available. I figured why wait? I'd rather stand in line only if I'm prepared with something productive to do. I made sure to bring the current issue of Art in American magazine. I managed to get halfway through the magazine while waiting.

Isn't this a stunning cover? Check out more about Taaffe at his website, or the October issue of Art in America.

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