New Artist Statement

I'm including a photo (detail) of something I started months ago, but didn't like its direction. When finished, it will look nothing like this photo, as I'm inspired to re-work the whole piece, so it fits in with The Paradise Project.

Today I updated my thesis, posted below in the statement. It's shorter than the previous statement, but I believe this new one says all that's needed, explaining my current work.

My art is an exploration of tropical aesthetics, perceptions and escapist attitudes. It is a personal reflection on life in an environment that many call Paradise.

I work in an abstract style, experimenting with a variety of techniques and media. While paint is a favorite medium, I may incorporate digital photography, mirrors, glass or string into the work. This experimentation is crucial to both theme and creative process.

Color field painters, abstract expressionists and post-modernists are significant influences for me. Color is a vitally important element, as it is a vehicle for symbolic expression of ideas. The interest I have in creating atmosphere through use of space is directly related to living by the sea, with panoramic views of ocean and sky.

My desire is to create art which questions preconceived notions of perfect place or ideal lifestyle, and explores our universal search for self through means of escape and longing.

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