Sunday Inspiration

Photo of Kate Lanphear, The Sartorialist.

Let it be known: I love style. Love it. I came across this photo of Kate Lanphear a few weeks ago, and cannot get it out of my head. The bold composition, the texture: Stark, edgy, fey...divine. I've been wearing a lot of black, navy, white and gray recently- probably another reason I'm drawn to this gorgeous image.

Back in 2006, I painted Interpose, above (40 x 40 inches, oil on canvas). Weeks before, our family had endured a time of crisis and uncertainty, and I'd also just completed "The Vintage Series", a group of ten bright and colorful paintings. Subsequently, I was not feeling the color, and needed a break. All this resulted in three new black and white paintings. After that, of course, I went back to color. But seeing The Sartorialist photo with the painting Interpose, I wonder how I can work some colorless pieces into my current work, The Paradise Project. I may have a few ideas....

Creative inspiration is everywhere. Today, it comes from one of my own paintings, and from a photographer and a woman I've never met.

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