Tropical Depression 15

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My husband Jon keenly follows the weather, and as a sailor and ex-Coast Guardsman, he really knows his stuff. He's currently following Tropical Depression 15, which is forming near us. "We're going to get hammered," he says. The system is expected to dump several inches of rain during the next couple of days.

If it doesn't become a hurricane, the worst that would probably happen is the mosquito population would increase after the rains, and run-off could cause erosion and driving hazards from loose rocks on the roads. It's all quite normal, and to be expected this time of year.

However, it's predicted to strengthen and pass over us as a Category 1 hurricane on Wednesday. In this case, the Virgin Islands would encounter 75 mph winds and some minor damage. We won't have electricity, which means no running water, as the pump is electric. No cable tv and maybe no internet.

Today's overcast conditions make for a good day to be in the studio; not to mention it's a distraction for all the bad economic news that I am now trying to avoid.

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