Working on Abyss

I've been working on another grouping of those 6 x 6 inch deep-cradled panels. This one's called Abyss. I am finishing the sides today, painting them a soft sand color, or perhaps silver. I'm still deciding.

The color blue has long inspired me, but for some reason, I found this hue difficult and intimidating until now. Except for turquoise or aqua, blue is not a color I often use in my art, and I rarely wear it or use it in my interior. But now, blue feels so right, so soothing, cooling, mysterious and pure.

Although I don't consider myself to be a monochrome painter, I have done many such pieces in the past year. I say I am not a monochrome painter because my subject is neither color itself, nor its properties, nor its interactions with other colors, although there was a time when I sometimes toyed with color as subject. For me, color is a vehicle for expressing ideas. It's a critical element in my work, and I push it as far as I dare.

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