Pictures of the re-organized studio and my last piece of freezer paper!

Yesterday I re-organized the studio to make the space more efficient. At approximately 170 square feet, it's not a large space. But here in the Caribbean, I've gotten used to improvising and making the best of what's available.

Today I'm hoping to buy freezer paper or butcher paper. I use it as a palette, taping the edges to an old car window which makes a great work surface. Once the freezer paper is used, I just throw it away and tear off a fresh piece from the roll. I've run out of this waxy paper, and couldn't find any on-island last week. In the meantime, I've been using plexiglass, but the clean-up is messy and requires too much water (a precious resource here). Who knows, maybe one of the grocery stores now has some Reynold's Freezer Paper. I'm off to town to see...

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