Star Student

Gavena is a Grade 11 IB Diploma Program student, who is working on her collection for next year's external assessment. Currently, she is focusing on form, using urban art and Constructivism as influences. She is interested in pursuing a career in architecture or spatial planning.

I've been teaching art to Grades 7 through 12 at Cedar International School this term. Their new educational system, IBO's Middle Years Program and Diploma Program, is challenging for students and teachers. I have learned a lot, along with the students.

Previously, I was the art teacher at Cedar (Kindergarten through Grade 12) before I left the job to work as a full-time artist. Not wanting to close any doors, I substitute in the art department occasionally. When asked to fill in as art teacher this term, I accepted the challenge. Aware that it would take away precious studio time for three months, I also knew the experience would serve to enhance my art career. It has been both mentally draining and stimulating to teach in a classroom environment again, where creativity and art conversation are constantly flowing. Many of the students have inspired me, and I hope I've done the same for them.

I'll feature more students and their work in the coming week.

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