This Blog is Politically Neutral. Here's Why

I read Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Blog today. In her post, she explains why her business remains politically neutral- in other words, neither red nor blue, but neutral...purple. I hear you, Alyson, as I have similar sentiments about my blog and website. Here they are:

I am an American living abroad. Like most Americans, I've followed the election news for several months. And yes, I voted in the Presidential election via Overseas Ballot. But on my blog, I choose not to discuss politics. Yes, art and politics must often overlap. But this blog and my work's direction are not about that. Discussing my political views has not been appropriate to date, and it might just drive away potential business or alienate readers. Therefore, my posts will continue to be neutral, or "purple".

I follow a few art blogs which are overtly political. But I enjoy these blogs for their art content. These artists have interesting careers, make incredible art, and they're vivacious and passionate. We are artists after all. We feel deeply and we express passionately.

Here's to purple days til further notice!


Paros Shepherd said...

I agree whole heartedly.
Especially as I am a conservative living in a liberal country.

I enjoyed a look at your blog. It is very attractive.


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Thank you, Paros. And, good to know there are others who agree.
Enjoy the day!