Bridge Art Fair

Jonathan Brilliant's The Goldsworthy of the Coffee Shop, Dam Stuhltrager Gallery.

I'm going backwards in time to last Thursday evening at Bridge Art Fair Miami.

It was a lively scene at the fair's opening night at Miami Beach's Catalina Hotel. Bridge was advertised as having free admission, but there was some mix-up, and they were charging a fee. After bringing this to the attention of the ticket agents, they were polite and apologetic. Although I was willing to pay, they gave me free admittance anyway. Thanks, guys.

There was more partying than art-viewing, which was good for me because after an already long day on South Beach, I was on a mission to see the art. What I really wanted to see was the work of Jonathan Brilliant. He was the winner of myartspace.com Bridge Art Fair Miami Competition. For some mysterious reason, it hadn't occurred to me that his installations would be too large for the Catalina's tiny hotel rooms. Turns out, they were. I overheard that his work was at Bridge Wynwood instead. Unfortunately, I could not schedule time for Wynwood, but I just had to post a photo of his work here, from myartspace.com's blog. His installations are made from woven coffee stir sticks, held together by tension. Tension? I am intrigued and baffled, and am now on a mission to find out more. Brilliant's website is jonathanbrilliant.com.

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