Line Up

This is my latest piece for The Paradise Project, Line Up, oil on panel, 24 x 18 x 1 inches. Just completed Monday, the paint's still wet. I bought another panel yesterday, same size, at Pearl Art Supply in Fort Lauderdale, so I'll start on that one today. I've chosen the color scheme, but haven't decided on composition yet.

Also I need to stretch two canvases but couldn't find canvas pliers at Pearl. (They make stretching jobs so much easier, getting the canvas really tight and preventing fingers from getting sore and raw.) I have a pair of canvas pliers but they're at my main studio, at home...far from here. Fortunately, I have a sometimes-studio-assistant who is an expert canvas stretcher.


Peter Breese said...

Wonderful colors.

Stephanie said...

thank you.
colors relate to surf culture & tropical aesthetics...and a bit of south beach miami thrown into the mix.