Mixing White

I've been working on three panel paintings. I became rather frustrated that the paint layers were not providing the opacity I desired, not to mention that I'd used quite a lot of white paint when making tints....until I realized that the Windsor & Newton Finity Mixing White acrylic I've been using is, well, translucent.

I don't have any Titanium White acrylic, and it would take at least two weeks to get it shipped, cleared through Customs and then on to my courier service mail box. So I'm making do with the Mixing White--which really is quite buttery and lovely, by the way. It's just not what I'd prefer for these panels.


Barbara J Carter said...

Being out of titanium white constitutes an emergency in my book! But then again, I only use a handful of colors, so each one is highly important. You don't have any kind of hobby supply store nearby? They'll charge an arm and a leg for a tube of paint, but it's an emergency!

Stephanie said...

Hi Barbara, I'm making do, although I sure have used a lot of that Mixing White!
No, we don't have a hobby store on the island. There may be one in Puerto Rico, but otherwise, it's online ordering, or US shopping trips (I'm going up in a few weeks, anyway).
We have a "department" store, which sometimes sells white acrylics, but the quality is quite poor.
In the meantime, I've got enough of the Mixing White. I think. :-)