The Artist's Choice

Consumer Reports taste tests recently chose Eight O'Clock Colombian Coffee as the best brew for the money. I concur. This artist knows coffee, and needs it to start her work day. Good quality coffee, that is.

I've drunk enough American coffee to know what's good. For taste and value, I buy this brand in whole bean and grind it myself. We have both an electric grinder and an antique wooden hand-crank version in case the power is out.

Eight O'Clock brand, as with anything I like and can't get locally, is a luxury. So I load up the suitcase with a few bags when I'm in the States. The inconvenience of paying Customs duty is worth every cup.


Casey Klahn said...

My only Latin American experience with coffee was drinking a lot of it in Costa Rica. Of course, it had "bull's blood" in it!

You'd think the BVI would have some excellent beans, though.

O.K. - I am forced to reveal my fave brand of coffee - Terrafozione (U.S., but of Italian pedigree).

Cheers, Stephanie.

Stephanie said...

Yes, you would think there'd be some good coffees here. It's all imported and rather stale. *sigh*
Costa Rica...now you're talking good coffee!
I'll have to check out that Italian brand you mentioned.
Thanks for the post!