Hollywood Art Walk

Hollywood, Florida's cultural district hosts an Art Walk every third Saturday night of each month. Area businesses are open late, featuring recent paintings and sculptures by local artists. Before the economy went south, this historic area was beginning to experience a revitalization, with a melting pot of old and new boutiques, pubs, wine bars and multi-cultural restaurants. I was curious to see if the boom had faded. Pedestrian traffic did appear to be thinner than a year ago, but a few restaurants were full and there were plenty of people milling around, dining, drinking and socializing on this drizzly, cool Saturday night.

I found very little in the way of art on display. I wasn't sure if that was due to the economy or merely the fact that Hollywood is not exactly known as a hot spot for dealers and collectors. What I did find of interest was painter Julio Green (below) and his work at Comfort Zone Studio and Spa. Green is a Honduras-born artist living in Fort Lauderdale. Julio described his process to me, which consists of using unexpected textures, runs and drips (I like that), and somber neutrals with soothing greens and muted colors. Julio applies hemp for texture, globs of paint and circular shapes stamped on with found objects. The painting we saw was haunting and drippy, with multiple paint layers. It was very "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"-esque.

Portals XI by Julio Green

Portals XIII by Julio Green

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