Just Another Day in Paradise

Ahhh, the Caribbean. Sun, sparkling turquoise water, colorful and charming architecture, caressing sea breezes, rustling palms, lively music. There's another frustrating side to this near-perfect scene, where I call home.

I'll address the insufficient communications, which are mainly due to mismanagement within the island's infrastructure. Recently, we've experienced a higher than usual frequency of random power outages, which makes conducting business much slower and more challenging than usual. My website designer is so behind on projects, and frustrated enough with the situation, that he's finally buying a noisy and expensive generator.

And there's our wireless internet. Like most artists promoting themselves, a lot of my career-related tasks are done via computer and internet, including networking while I'm far from any "art city". The wireless been very spotty for two days. Yesterday I was unable to use it at all until quite late when I played catch-up, staying awake til 1:30 a.m. working. Today it's on but slow. I've been unsuccessful at uploading photos, and have simply given up for now.

I've been trying to call the States from my cell phone, and keep getting "All circuits are busy." This has been all day. My provide says they're having some problems with outgoing overseas calls. The customer service agent said they'd check my account and get back to me later. No...I'll call them. Being proactive is the way to get things done. (Using online calling, such as Skype, is not an option today, with internet being so slow.)

Sorry for the vent but such inefficiencies and lack of customer care really get to me in a country that is deemed the richest in the Caribbean. Don't tell me I'm lucky to live in a pretty place; tell me I'm crazy, ruggedly adventurous, gutsy, deluded or unrealistic instead. It'd like to think it's a combination of some of the above.

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