The Path of Creativity

Photo, an image in progress...I was working on this image to use in a mixed media piece.

The creative process is a forceful thing. It can pull the artist towards a new direction, tempting one to explore new media or content. It can cause one to set aside all rational thought and good reasoning. Creativity is freedom, but it can be tough to manage, and truthfully, what working artist can afford not to? The reality is that there has to be directional exploration.

I've been wanting to expand my media experience, while maintaining content, aesthetics and thematic direction. In other words, I wanted to keep working as a painter, but add installation and other media to the body of work. I had some very specific ideas, laid out in sketches and documents- materials I needed, projected costs, space requirements, etc. The plan was to write exhibition proposals with the goal of obtaining a few gallery and museum commissions. I could see the usual challenges, plus a few new ones, and I welcomed them. I was feeling oh, so inspired and enlightened. Only, I forgot my main focus in the process, which is on gallery representation; but in the recesses of my mind was this nagging realization.

And then...then a force within the force of creativity stopped me in my tracks. What are you thinking? You are a painter. So what if the installation, photography and digital media ideas are there; it doesn't mean you must branch out in all these areas to say what is already being said in your paintings. Focus, focus, focus. That is all.

Particularly in this economy, can I afford for my work to be what dealers may perceive is "all over the place"? I think not.

I make no apologies to my creative self for putting media exploration on the back-burner...way back.

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