"Intoxication 3" and Saturday's Culinary Delights

They are two unrelated subjects but both give great pleasure: Art and food. I'll start with the art.

I completed this piece today while taking a break from a writing job with an impending deadline. I'll get a better photo tomorrow.

The Block Paintings are fun and satisfying in a way that's different from that of my more provocative, contemplative Monochromes or my Shape paintings with their joyously melancholy undertones (yes, I like oxymorons). Creating the Blocks is perhaps more about the process and simple color combinations than anything else (although the content is the same for all of my work, as I've said before); I suppose it's how I see them when my head is full of other things. That is certainly the case today.

The food: My husband and I celebrated our anniversary Saturday. We had a wonderful dinner at the Watermark, owned by my friend's brother and his wife. The casually elegant restaurant is located at Frenchman's Cay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, should you find yourself here and in need of a beautiful meal in a seaside setting.

I ordered Arctic Char with lemon beurre blanc garnished with crisp calamari and whole squid, served with poached potatoes on pancetta and a parsley puree'.

My husband had the Striped Bass on a bed of sauteed spinach, and prawn-and-scallop- stuffed ravioli atop seaweed salad, served with smoked tomatoes and asparagus puree'.

We shared Chocolate Three Ways for dessert.

I'll try to stay on the subject of art tomorrow. Things are slow right now (aren't they for all of us?) As a result, I find the simplest pleasures, like food, most enriching during these slow and trying economic times.

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