Intoxication Paintings...To Be Continued

The day has been spent on internet-related promoting. I've increased my online presence by creating a Facebook public page (Stephanie Clayton: The Paradise Project). I also streamlined the website portfolio pages. Our internet is really slow and simple uploads take twice as long as one would imagine. I didn't have time to fit in any painting so here's what I accomplished as of quitting time yesterday.

When finished, they'll be titled "Intoxication 2" and "Intoxication 3". I may be able to complete them tonight but really need some time away from the studio. I've been working crazy hours til rather late, and my joking husband is threatening to install a microwave and fridge in the studio.

It's now late afternoon and I've agreed to meet a friend for a much-needed hike in the hills.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I'm loving those colorful block paintings Stepanie! Can't wait to see them installed!


Thanks for stopping by, Linda. More updates coming soon...
Have a beautiful week!