One Last Look Before I Go

Photos from the Mango House studio

This week I leave the Miami-area studio, as I head home to the islands. I'll miss my workspace here--the southern light, the climate control, the quiet, and the availability of materials; and outside the studio--the boundless opportunities, the rich experience of being in an "art city" for a few weeks. I'll miss the vibe.

So I return to my Caribbean studio. If I'm lucky, there will be a soft breeze floating in from the sea; there will be no new roof leaks, no construction going on, and no long power outages. There will be peace, quiet and comfort to think, work and create.


Chins Wonda-Land said...

love your work!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you- much appreciated!

Martha Marshall said...

Stephanie, I am so envious! But of course I wonder just how much art I'd get done in the Islands. Looking forward to your next creations.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Martha. Yes, it's challenging to stay ambitious and focused in such an environment.

With my "the grass is greener elsewhere" mentality, coupled with having lived too long on a small island, it is I who am now envious of mainland artists, oddly enough. In the "real" world, opportunities for enhancing one's art career are boundless in comparison. Of course, as stated, the grass is always greener somewhere else, isn't it!