Layers of Lush Cool Colors

The internet is more reliable today. Although it's quite slow- more so than the wireless I use when stateside- at least it's on and I can connect with the world beyond this little island habitat.

I'm been working on six monochrome panels, four of which are pictured, in various stages.

Once I develop a concept for a new painting, I choose a swatch from the color library to match the idea for the overall hue, or the local color.

I begin each monochrome painting by layering washes and glazes in related colors which are selected intuitively. The process involves building layer upon layer of analogous colors until the painting is complete.

Yesterday I started this blue one, first using a very thin, pale gray-blue. The second application was much more pigment-rich.

Because I've started using acrylics instead of oils for this painting group, there's no need to consider the "fat over lean" or "thick over thin". I can work thin, then thick, and back to thin again if I wish, using a variety of gels, water, pigment, glosses and fluid extenders.

For the next layer, this one will get another pink.

Some ideas for future reference:

Sometimes my direction for a painting evolves to such a degree that it bears little resemblance to the original plan. That is one of an artist's many pleasures, surprises, frustrations and lessons, as one ventures down new roads, unsure of where they'll lead but feeling compelled to make the journey regardless of the outcome.

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