Mini-Holiday Mode

This week, we'll have friends visiting and I'm taking the next few days off to spend with them. We'll be sailing, snorkeling and relaxing in general.
These posts today will be my last until next weekend.

A very creative week to you all!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sounds perfectly heavenly! What a paradise indeed! Enjoy each minute!!

Stephanie Clayton said...

Thank you, Linda. It was a lovely break, but over too soon.
I'm back in the studio tomorrow--albeit a bit tired from all the island-hopping and fun, but I'm also refreshed!

sealaura said...

looks like such a lovely weekend. love the picture of your dog in that beautiful water. we got away this weekend too, but to the mountains our other fave spot. Thanks for the tips on the bvis. I can't wait til next month!

Stephanie Clayton said...

You're very welcome, sealaura. Yes, it was a lovely few days. Enjoy your trip next month.