Paradise Lost: A Tale from Caribbean Cyberspace

After several days of poor or no internet, I am back...well, sort of. Our wireless has been on and off all week before completely going out two nights ago. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach the internet company (which I'll call "X") by phone, I finally went to their office. After an hour's wait and being assisted somewhat by four "X" employees, I was politely told that the problem was not with my wireless card. The problem was that service in our part of the island was out and the reason remained a mystery. "X" was still working on fully restoring service. And no...there will be no refund for the time we have no service. It doesn't work that way.

In the meantime, the internet from "X" fades in and out, and is extremely slow, so I won't even attempt to upload images. When full service is restored (any day now), I'll have plenty to report, images included. There's some good stuff to share, including progress on the Monochromes, some happenings in the art world, recent inspiration, and colorful and provocative works of other artists.

Today's good news is that we've signed up for DSL again, to be connected within "5-10 working days". We'd given up on it some time ago and have been using "X" wireless since. The only DSL provider here is unaffectionately called "Careless and Useless" by their many dissatisfied customers, loyal by lack of choice. "Careless and Useless" has had a history of poor service coupled with high prices, and after enduring it for years, we simply gave up. I hear they've improved, so we're giving them another try, with the assumption that their DSL is now better than "X"'s wireless.

I wish everyone a creative and artful weekend. And I hope your internet is better than mine. If you're reading this, the chances are it is.

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