Two Monochromes

The tops of these two panels are complete. They have one coat of Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish (thinned with 25% water). If the weather cooperates, the second coat can be applied today and then the sides painted with silver oil paint. I want to be clear: I don't paint outdoors but my studio cannot really be climate-controlled. Therefore, if it's humid and damp outside, for example, it will be the same in the studio.

Here is how the work progressed for the lavender panel......
I forgot to photograph a step on this one right about here...

I got carried away in the studio, also neglecting to photograph the finished surface before applying gloss varnish to both panels. I need to learn photo-taking skills for snapping glossy surfaces anyway.

Below, a few steps for the dark purple/blue panel....It underwent some dramatic color shifts. I usually have a more concrete plan for the final results, but with these, I decided to be more spontaneous and let the paintings lead.

I wasn't happy with the blue spots so they were sanded and mostly covered in subsequent layering of color.

Some time between now and final completion, I will have titled both works, probably still utilizing the surfing terminology.

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