We ran out of water yesterday.

Here in the islands, residents have cistern water, "town water" from the seawater desalination plant, or both. At home, our water supply is cistern only. Rain collects on the flat roof into a pipe and drains into the receptacle located under our floor. Cisterns are common in the Caribbean, and I suppose many other parts of the world where fresh water might be hard to come by otherwise.

I love using rainwater; it just makes so much sense. We drink it too, but because it sits in the cistern, we use a filter. You can see why.

Before living in our present location, we shared a cistern with many people- several who used washing machines, washed their cars, etc. We were always running out. At the worst, we went without running water for two weeks because our landlord refused to buy town water, brought in by truck. (Eventually it rained, of course.) Those times were challenging and frustrating (not to mention dirty), and I developed an awareness of what it was like to live without, even if only sometimes.

Until yesterday, we had not run out of water since moving to our condo six years ago. I thought we were being frugal all these years, especially in times of little rain. So we were quite surprised to find the cistern dry.

Ours holds approximately 7500 gallons. We filled around 1000 gallons yesterday, and are hoping for a good rain soon.

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