Works by Michelle Marcuse

False Madness, 2009, 19 x 21 inches, digital transfer print and mixed media

Scent of an Angel, 2008, 32 x 36 inches, digital transfer print and mixed media

Night City, 2009, 19 x 17 inches, digital transfer print and mixed media

"Michelle Marcuse uses monochromatic coloring to suggest a subdued, sometimes anxious atmosphere, one that at times appears veiled and mysterious. At first glance there may seem to be an identifiable space where specific elements are in a state of isolated flux. But Marcuse invites the viewer to explore more closely her fields of concentrated, quiet energy. Existing within silence, the fields are slow in time, with the energy moving in from the outside. The impressions suggest a distanced level of reality…seen as uncategorized extracts from a space that runs counter to our own."
- The StrataSphere

Marcuse's work is part of "The (Dark) Show", opening August 29 at The StrataSphere, 1854 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19122


scrapbook said...

i love michelle's work in its mystical fragility and sensibility ... and of course her use of medias ... nice post, xoxo

Johan said...

Hello from Holland.
My cat doesnot paint but plays the piano.

The Photodiarist said...

I love this work. You show such amazing stuff on your blog! So glad that I found it!