Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner. Check out her informative blog on acrylic techniques.

The Art of Encaustic Painting by Joanne Mattera....Her blog is an excellent resource and sounding board for artists. See her lush paintings here.

Before heading home to the islands next week, I'll pick up these two books while stateside. (Our island does have a small book store, but it's unlikely they stock either of these.) I should have plenty of opportunities for reading, since I won't be painting full-time for a while.

Anyone read these? The reviews are very positive and I'm keen to learn some new techniques, particularly encaustic. Although admittedly, the idea of painting with molten wax in the tropical heat leaves something to be desired. What am I thinking? Well, I'm thinking ahead. It's part of a bigger picture- the plan for future endeavors, career enhancement and artistic growth.

I'll post a review of each book when I'm finished reading. For now, I'm off to Borders to get them both.


UnoCosa said...

Stephanie - thank you so much for your lovely comment - and i enjoyed your blog very much - it's very informative and i will be sure to check out Joanne's blog ... yes, please do review on them - i am not good w/ reading - so this will be a lovely short-cut, xoxo

oh!!! btw: i like your blog very much and let me know if you wish to do the link exchange w/ mine :D

Stephanie Clayton said...

UnoCosa, I'd be delighted. I'll make a new comment on your blog...

I had to visit two different Borders in two separate cities to get both books. (Ordering online costs more time and money, shipping to islands.) However, I think it's worth the effort. I'll begin with "Acrylic Revolution", since I've been working in that medium already.

UnoCosa said...

hi.... stephanie - thanks for your lovely comment - i've added your artist blog onto my blogroll so i can check it ofter as well as act as a recommendation to my reader of what i like and support - a "link exchange" means we both do the same because we like each other's blog :-))) .... btw: love the "red" post on your personal blog .... xoxo

An Artist in Paradise said...

ok re: blog roll, that's what i thought. check my style blog...you've been added to the list already. and thanks again, it's a pleasure. :)

lisakairos said...

You won't be disappointed by the encaustic book- it is very good. I think it has become the standard manual, really. So much info.! And on the bright side of combining tropical heat and encaustic, your wax will flow really nicely. I live in a cool, damp northern calif. town, and find that is the hot days that the wax cooperates! Good luck- I've been enjoying your blog.

Stephanie Clayton said...

thank you, lisa.
that's sound advice which i very much appreciate.
my plan is to complete some gouache works on paper once my studio sabbatical ends; then begin "training" myself in encaustics. i've always loved the lushness and depth afforded by this ancient medium.