LINES + the art of chance/dealing with minor annoyances

New pen on paper, 14 x 11 inches...yet to be titled. There are at least three places where I stopped during the drawing process. Can you spot them? (Click on the image to enlarge.) The reason for stopping had to do with minor annoyances. Instead of starting over, I decided to go with it- to let it be an integral part of the work, as I continued with the line making. Except for the aforementioned irritations, the process was almost meditative.

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UnoCosa said...

this is, so far, one of my very favorite post of yours - the title speaks to me immediately ... in the attempts of achieving perfection, i truly believe the nuance of imperfection is what makes the art personal and intimate ... no human is perfect, robot might ... so why should we expect the work of human to be perfect??? nevertheless, attempts for such perfection is what pushes us better ... i think i found the 3 spots ... will email you the pics w/ the indications and see if i got the eyes for such minor joints!!! haha, xoxo