Cognition #2, 14 x 11 inches, pen on paper

In addition to the Fluidity series, I've also started Cognitions, a group of meditative line drawings, based loosely on stream-of-consciousness thinking, or doodling with a purpose. These works satisfy a desire to explore basic mark-making, with line being the most basic element of design.

The Cognitions are a way to begin with a clean slate after completion of The Paradise Project, to prepare for the next body of paintings.

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jill said...

Funny where things lead you.. I commented on the Photodiarist's post, and liked what someone wrote about 'island time'... and it was you! So I clicked on your name and realised, I haven't visited your art blog in so long.

I love what you're doing. Love the series of blue monochromes, and love this 'doodle' line drawing, and the concept behind it. Do you really never wear a watch?

Let's talk soon. x