REASSURANCE// a defining moment

Artist and blogger Kirsty Hall of Up All Night Again, recently shared some defining or transforming moments which she felt made her an artist. I politely encourage you to read her post. It's quite moving.

Here's a moment of mine that I'd like to share:

There have been many art experiences which filled me with emotion. I had such a "moment" in March of this year, just days before my birthday, during a trip to the States. I was honored to attend a lecture by Richard Tuttle at the Miami Art Museum. While waiting for it to start, I glanced around and noticed a room filled with people from many walks of life, with one thing in common- their love of art. I felt overwhelmed with joy and something I cannot explain. As a side effect of living on a small Caribbean island, there are few local opportunities to look at fine art in the flesh, much less the chance to attend intellectual events, art or otherwise. In that lecture room, I became so acutely aware of how blessed I was to be, temporarily, completely engulfed in the subject of art, that at that moment, tears came to my eyes. I embraced this feeling and have kept it with me. It somehow reminds me to forge ahead with my own art career, regardless of the situation and geographic limitations; and to never take for granted any opportunity for artistic growth and intellectual development. For grand things are ahead.

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UnoCosa said...

Stephanie - this is very much moving for you to share such moment and i am truly happy that i have met you though we live far far apart .... it has always been moment like that truly awakened our mind and soul and keep us reminded why we do what we do and why we love what we love - sometimes, i felt that the modern world is almost more difficult to be a person with creative mind as there are so many definition and category and i am so happy that you kept your love for art live despite all the limitation, then, in a way, i felt such limitations are also advantages ... how i wish to be far away from all the distraction and just focus on creating ... and you have such privilege, xoxo