Yesterday, my family and I hiked Sage Mountain National Park. I snapped some photos at one of the clearings, along the trail to the entrance. The views are magnificent.

A view of Long Bay and Sugar Loaf...

The tan water is a salt pond.

Sage Mountain is almost a rain forest, meaning it falls just short of receiving enough rainfall to be classified as such.

Along the forest floor, we encountered pretty ferns and an interesting variety of mushroom, as seen here.

The little mushroom cluster reminded me of a sea anemone. Click on any of the images to view in full. (I've just learned how to post large images, and still working out the kinks.)

Huge elephant ear plants.....Some get even larger than this one.

Bananas! They weren't inside the park, so we were allowed to pick a few. Turned out, they were more plantain-like, with ridged, thick skins. To make them edible, we'll probably need to cook them once they ripen a bit.

My dad, the banana-picker...

A hike through the woods always clears my mental clutter, gently opening creative avenues of the mind.

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Jennaviere said...

I love the fern photograph! Not sure why -- just the color and composition made me want to stare at it a while.
Beautiful photos of a beautiful place!