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The week, the studio received a slight makeover. I hadn't used the space since completing The Paradise Project early this summer. Then when my painting sabbatical ended this month, I realized the space wasn't as efficient as I'd like. For example, more surfaces were needed. The solution was to conduct administrative tasks elsewhere so this big table can be used for paintings instead. Seen above, the table is now near the room's center so all sides are accessible, for better flow and ease of movement.

I'm still not using the space as much as I'd hoped because of the day time heat. In the past, I've painted at night when it's cooler but I no longer work those hours. Therefore, current studio pursuits have spread to the downstairs living space, which is much more comfortable. This will have to continue until the studio itself is a more tolerable temperature, as Caribbean winter approaches.

Yes, that is a window air-conditioner; however, Caribbean homes have no insulation and when factoring in lack of shade and hours of sun for this room, the a/c simply cannot keep up.

Anyway, I'm forging ahead with fresh new work, not allowing outside factors (like heat) to hinder the creative process. Completed this week is Fluidity #4, 14 x 11 inches, gouache on paper:

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The Photodiarist said...

This piece is lovely -- the "fluidity" piece. Delicate.