Fluidity #8, 14 x 11 inches, gouache on paper

The darker works in my Fluidity series have a moody, melancholy energy- or rather, an introspective tone, which invites contemplation that can only take place when the mind is still and thoughts are unhurried. This contrasts with the apparent immediacy in which I applied the gouache, due to its inherent qualities. I've always been drawn to the idea of contrast, dichotomy and paradox. I do see a underlying trend- a recurrence of these concepts- in my work on The Paradise Project, and now the Fluidity series.

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jill said...

Oh, Stephanie, I keep forgetting to come to this blog and see your beautiful artwork! I love this piece. When we talk, I'll explain why.

The reason I got here was clicking on your name from the Photodiarist's comment: I can't believe you've never actually been to NY! Maybe you shouldn't. Ever. It's like I've never dyed my hair. There's something pure about never having been there, and making a commitment to never, ever go there. Like being a vegetarian, but more so.