My website changes are finally in place. There are a couple more tweaks I'd prefer to see (things in place that really irk me) but those will have to wait. It took the busy web designer over a month to implement all updates, due to the fact that most of his current clients are mid-sized corporations paying big bucks for his services. Years ago when he first designed the site, he was new on island and had the time and motivation to work with me one-on-one in its creation. Things change. He now has his own small firm and seems quite successful locally, if not exceptionally busy and overwhelmed. I stuck with him through the years because...well, he's nice to do business with and I like his work. Besides, on a small island, there weren't any viable options. However, now, in the interest of both parties, I'm switching to an online web service. I hope they deliver.

Changes to the site include homepage, statement, and categories of work (here, here and here). Let me know what you think: http://stephanieclayton.com/. Once I sign up with the new service, I can make all my own changes, apparently.

In recognition of American Thanksgiving, I'll leave you with a few of the many things I'm grateful for:

1. My entire family. The older I get, the more I love and appreciate them for their endless support, character and wisdom.
2. Friends near. Without them, Tortola would feel very lonely.
3. Friends far. I am honored that we've stayed in touch despite the years and miles.
4. The internet: It's become a vital tool for my career, particularly since my location makes it otherwise nearly impossible to network with the art world.
5. Anyone who visits this blog, particularly those who comment. Any blogger can tell you, it means a lot to know someone's listening, even if they disagree. So thank you.
6. My and other artists' ability, vision and drive to keep making art, in spite of everything.

You know what comes next in this post:
What are you grateful for?


Martha Marshall said...

I'm more and more grateful for the simple things in life. The smell of fresh bread baking, bird sounds, warm soup, family, old and new friends.

"Things" are so much less important than they once might have been. Moving what was left of my household this year after purging at least half of it has taught me that wonderful lesson.

And of course the time and ability to do art.

Stephanie Clayton said...


Your words are a beautiful reminder. I recall that feeling of absolute freedom from "things" on at least two life-changing occasions. One was the south Louisiana flood of '95, in which most of our possessions were destroyed. The second was when we sold mostly everything we'd accumulated since the flood and moved to the Virgin Islands.

Too bad it often takes a natural disaster or a big move to realize of what little importance things actually are.

Add to my "grateful for" list- fresh baked bread, now that you mention it!

The Photodiarist said...

Beautiful and peaceful photo, Stephanie. I am most grateful for having been born to a fantastic and positive family. And then for my friends. And for all of the opportunities that I have been given. Thank you for asking the question! And for your awesome comments over the past few months since I've started the blog. They really mean a lot to me! Especially since you were one of the very first people to check out my work!! Have a great Thanksgiving in Tortola!

ffocuss said...

Wonderful post Stephanie. This year at our Thanksgiving dinner there were about 25 people. Everyone was asked to state out loud what they were thankful for. So we all did that. Fun and laughter and a few tears. Most of all, of course, we were thankful for each other. I said I was grateful for indoor plumbing.
Everybody laughed but I was only half joking. There is so much in our everyday lives that we tend to take for granted that people didn’t have in another time or still don’t in another place. So I am thankful- everyday.