QUOTE OF THE DAY- Randall Anderson

The art of Randall Anderson...

Ghost. 2006. Tracing paper, charcoal and pins
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Codec 08. 2007. 60 x 60 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

Artist Randall Anderson on intent and the role of viewer (see more at Edward Winkleman's blog):

"I....believe in the idea that the viewer completes the art, and as such, they bring their own complexity into the equation. But once I'm finished the making part I really let go of the work, I have no attachment, thus I can move on to the next piece. By sending the work out into the world it's available to be used by a viewer in whatever way they should chose. If they're interested in getting to the intent, and discovering more about my practice, that's great. But as for the question of intent, it really is just a complex methodology I've created for myself that gets me from point A to point B. Ultimately the work has to stand on its own and be open enough that others are invited in."

Zoom! Version 2. 2007. Cast Forton. 80 inches tall.

See more of Anderson's work here.

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