TUESDAY// new work + updates

Fluidity #7, 14 x 11 inches, gouache on paper

A few things to share:
My web designer and I are working on some updates to the site; changes to be implemented this week, hopefully. No need for me to go into all the technical stuff here. I'll simply mention it when the updates are in place.

I'm about halfway through reading Joanne Mattera's book, The Art of Encaustic Painting. So far, it's been a great guide for the oil painter interested in working in this wonderful medium. I'm impatient to get started in encaustic but the timing isn't right yet. "Soon come", as the Caribbean phrase goes.

I found some beautiful black paper in the studio, which I'd forgotten was there. I'm using it for mixed media pieces in white pencil and gouache.

That's about it. More to come....soon.

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