After completion of The Paradise Project- a two year undertaking- I took some time away from the studio to consider my next move, which was to be two or more series of works on paper. It was also time to update the artist statement- a necessary task often dreaded, although I have to say, writing it does get easier with practice.

To see how mine's evolved, click here.

My current artist statement:

The primary intention of my work is to open avenues of emotion and thought through color, line and space. I paint intuitively, guided by dynamic interrelationships of visual elements, connecting them to experience, place and time.

The work is influenced by the natural world, particularly sea and sky, as well as by inherent properties of the medium. Using a reductive approach, I employ whichever materials are appropriate to conveying ideas in visual form- acrylic, oil, gouache, charcoal or pen. In painting, I apply many layers, repeating the process of adding and subtracting as the work progresses. During the creative process, a complex interplay occurs between material, visual recall, and contemplation.

I assign titles to elicit a guided response, inviting further contemplation about the work, thereby establishing connections between art and viewer.

- Stephanie Clayton, 2009

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