Lush encaustic paintings by Daniella Woolf...two of my favorites here:

"Totem", Daniella Woolf, from Conrad Wilde Gallery
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Daniella Woolf's work is rich and luminous. See more at her website. She has a new instructional DVD available here, called "Encaustic With a Textile Sensibility". Doesn't the title sound appealing? I think so. It's on my list of supplies.

Rustic Blue, Daniella Woolf
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I've been thinking a lot about encaustic, looking at the art of others who work in this mysterious medium; mysterious to me because I haven't yet tried it. I hesitate to order the supplies and start using heat in an already hot studio. And I don't wish to add to my inventory any large or heavy pieces that I'll probably have to ship overseas to our new destination. Therefore, my encaustic pursuits are on hold until after the big move- a lesson in patience. For now, I'm learning all I can about this intriguing medium.

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Yolanda said...

I feel the same way about this medium. It has an enameled gloss effect that is impossible to achieve with any other paint. I must try it as well.