Deluge #3, 2010, 12 x 9 inches, conte' crayon and gouache on black paper

I've had a small supply of black paper for years, and finally found a purpose for it- the Deluge series. However, my supply is running low, and there's none available here. I hesitate to order anything until we leave the island. Over the years, I've spent an embarrassing amount of money on shipping to the islands, which includes a yearly courier fee, a per-pound fee, BVI Customs duty and sometimes wharfage.

Living on a small island has taught me a lot, including ways to more resourceful- such as discovering a use for black paper, when I really want to start in encaustic. In the Caribbean, I'm part of a culture which is accustomed to making do. I've learned to be more appreciative and careful with possessions. The attitude here is "No, there's not more where that came from." I'm taking that attitude with me.

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autumndiva said...

We're on the same page about being mindful of waste.

Lovely piece. The black paper gives it a unique flair. I love your blog.