No post, no photo...

I can be fairly persistent but in this case, it's time to call it quits. I've been attempting to upload photos to Photobucket off and on since morning, to no avail. So no photo, for which I apologize. It's late, and I still need to finish packing. This won't be much of a post, except to say that tomorrow I leave Florida, flying back home to the little island where I live. While stateside, I've purchased a few new art supplies, which should suit my purposes until I leave the Caribbean in a few months.

I hope to get the Photobucket issue sorted soon (trying to directly contact them is difficult). When it's fixed, I'll be posting again. Anyone else having problems with Photobucket? Can anyone recommend a better photo-sharing site? I'm open to suggestions.

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Yolanda said...

You can try www.flickr.com if your other site continues to fail.