STORY OF THE DAY// Because I Can

Since I will probably be moving from the Caribbean in the next few months, I've decided to start posting some personal stories of island life-the good, the bad, the humorous, and the absurd. I thought of this when I created the blog but decided against it, choosing to stay on the topic of art. However, for the artist especially, personal life and work intertwine to the point where they are inseparable. I like a good story, especially if it's true; and I like sharing experiences with others. Here's my first one:


On Saturday, I took a flight from Florida to St. Thomas, then hopped on the ferry to Tortola, where I live and work as a Non-Belonger, or Non-BVIslander. After disembarking the vessel, the other passengers and I formed a long line, waiting patiently to clear BVI Immigration and Customs. Some weren't so patient. A woman and child, presumably BVI citizens, jumped the line and made their way to the front. Moments later, two more local women and a small child pushed their way to the front, as they muttered, "'S'cuse me, sorry...'S'cuse me, sorry." Someone to my left spoke up: "Why are you breaking in ahead of us?" One of the women replied, "Because I can." Someone else quipped, "She can 'coz she 'bahn here'." (Born here.)


Anonymous said...

Not just at immigration.
Belongers will cut in line at the bank, when you pay your bills at electricity, obviously at bars and eating out, in fact they'll cut almost anywhere there's a line. The only place you're safe is at the grocery store where they'll cut if they just have one or two things to buy, but not if they have a full trolley.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Thanks for your comment. You are right, I'm afraid. Amazing that it's so tolerated.

-h said...

Oh you'll see this anywhere. People that have these grandiose senses of entitlement. I deal with it all the time at work. It amazes me that we can be super busy and yet they see themselves as the only person in the room!