Sandy Spit beach, British Virgin Islands

Definition of spit: A small point of land running into the sea, or a long, narrow shoal extending from the shore into the sea; as, a spit of sand. --Cook. [1913 Webster]

Sandy Spit, late afternoon- glorious golden light...

I'm tempted to incorporate sandy hues- more taupe than beige- into some of my paintings but I hesitate getting too referential; that's not what I want at all. Anyway, I'll store this idea in the brain for future possibilities. That's one thing I love about art-making: all the possibilities. In fact, my life right now seems all about possibilities. By the end of February, my husband and I should have a plan in the works for our next adventure, post-Caribbean. Our big move. There will be lots of whens and hows to consider.

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UnoCosa said...

stephanie - i can not wait to find out what your next move is!!! i am in great envy of your freedom while being surrounded by the best of nature can offer - still, i can understand that it is time for change! after all, for a creative being, staying in one place for too long can be a deadly damage!

as for the taupe reference and possibilities - can't agree more!!! this also makes it extremely important to document those ideas - which i believe, in a way, our blogs has become - a way to write, share and try out ideas ...

much love, xx